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Trying to Have a Great Web Presence Without a Realistic Budget?

Fri, Apr 29th, 2022

Trying to Have a Great Web Presence Without a Realistic Budget?

Many business owners know they need a website and hire the cheapest web designer they can find, the problem with this strategy is that a cheap web designer will not put the time or resources into making your website look great, work well and be found by new customers. They also usually don't have the skills and experience to do it right.

A web presence is one of the most important marketing tools you have for your business. It's how you introduce yourself to new customers and clients, and it's how you build trust within your community.

Without a great web presence, your business will miss out on opportunities for growth and will eventually start to lose ground to your competition.

What Does it Take to Have a Web Presence that Catapults Your Business?

These days, there is more involved with building a web presence that will beat out your competition including:

  • Engaging social media pages - Your social media pages need to be engaging and posted on consistently with interesting original content.
  • Accurate Information - With information about your business automatically being constantly populated across the web, it is important to make sure that information is accurate.
  • Reviews - Google reviews are one of the most trusted sources where people check out a business to see what type of experience others have had when dealing with them.

A little more about reviews. There are times when you will get a review from someone that you haven't even done business with. It could be a competitor or another unknown person. In this case, you can flag the Google review and maybe Google will take it down but they don't always. It is best practice to reply to reviews and keep asking for reviews from happy customers to grow the number of positive reviews your company receives.

No one expects a company to have a 5.0 review score as long as most of your reviews are good the few poor ratings won't matter very much.

Your Website Should Be…

  • A website that people take time to go through - Your company's website should be engaging and provide the information users want. It doesn't hurt if it is also entertaining with great content, nice images and videos.
  • A way to contact your company - Chat, phone, email and messaging should all be incorporated into your web presence so people can contact your business through a variety of ways.
  • Monitoring - Your web presence should be monitored and backed up on a regular basis to ensure nothing is lost and changes can be made in a timely manner as platforms change their layout.

There is more to a successful web presence but it is important to note that your company needs a web development budget to have the job done right. You may have to spend money on web design services but the payoff for your business is worth it in the long run.

Contact Master Website Planners today if you are ready to have a web presence that will get your company great results! And want to work with a skilled experienced dependable web development and web design company.