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The Benefits of a Custom Designed Website

Tue, Apr 20th, 2021

The Benefits of a Custom Designed Website

Have you ever heard the saying, "all websites are created equal"? Guess what... we haven't either! That's because there are good, bad, ugly, beautiful, slow, and fast websites out there. But what constitutes a good website? Some might say it's the aesthetics, speed, functionality, or content. We're here to tell you... it's all of the above! But how do you make this come to fruition? One common misconception is that once you've created a website, your job is complete. Truth is, this is just the beginning. Successfully managing a website requires constant research and updating. The best way to do this efficiently and effectively is to invest in a custom website.

In this blog, we'll discuss 4 of the main benefits of investing in a custom website designed and built from scratch.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know Google loves originality? When you invest time and money into a template website, your website is anything but original. Wix currently has 160 million websites on the web and WordPress has 455 million websites. According to Netcraft, there are 1.3 billion total active websites! WordPress allows for more customization than Wix, but nothing compares to a custom-built website.

Custom websites are designed to be search engine friendly, because of this, they climb higher in rankings. This helps them gain more visibility, promote traction to their website, and drive overall sales. A website built from scratch means it's one of a kind and it isn't duplicated from anything else.

Readily Scalable

Custom website design gives businesses the freedom to scale the development process when needed. Yes, an experienced web developer will initially set up proper infrastructure while implementing a site roadmap, but additional content updates will most likely be necessary as changes are made to the business. For example, if a company wants to promote a certain product on the home page of a website, a custom site will allow for this to be done quickly and properly without limitations and restrictions that usually come with a template website.

Attempting to build a website from scratch requires extensive programming knowledge and second to none organizational back-end skills. For this reason, it's best to hire a reputable web development company with years of web design and programming experience.

Better User Experience

72% of active websites receive a failing grade of 59/100 or lower! This is based on things such as; broken links, misspellings, poor images, videos that won't play, or a wrong phone number/email address in the contact information. Once a user has a single bad experience on a website, they're 88% less like to visit that website again.

Your website is a direct reflection of business operations. A bad website encourages users to search for another company, one where the information is easily accessible and clear. If customers have a good user experience on your website, it helps enhance search engine rankings.

Flexibility With Hosting

Lastly, opting to go down the custom website route allows you to have greater control over the website's hosting, especially if you wish to change your provider down the road. Drag-and-drop website builders don’t offer this type of flexibility. Benefits that come with the freedom to choose a hosting company might include:

  • Ability to scale beyond a shared hosting environment
  • Automated file and data backups and customized backup locations
  • Direct server performance and uptime monitoring
  • Optimized setup and configuration for your selected CMS
  • Easy to create and deploy staging environments
  • Integration with other tools and technologies that might otherwise be restricted

Master Website Planners

At Master Website Planners, developing beautiful, SEO enhanced custom websites is what we do best! A website is the centerpiece of your digital world! It's important to hire a digital marketing agency that understands this concept and has the skill-set to create a beautiful custom website for your business!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact the digital marketing experts at Master Website Planners today!

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