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Save Yourself From An Unethical Web Designer

Thu, Mar 31st, 2022

Save Yourself From An Unethical Web Designer

We talked about it many times before. Web companies that refer to a company with 100x your budget in their sales pitch and convince you that they can provide you with that type of success for whatever your budget is (usually much less).

They have even managed to convince some of our clients in the past that we were not doing a good job (despite the success we brought them) because we didn't do all the things that companies with 100x their budget did. But what actually happened after these clients left us and worked with them? What did their web presence look like 2 years after the fact?

The Website

One of the ways we are able to bring our clients success when they had struggled before is by building them a better-quality website (that looks very different) than they had before. So, you would naturally assume that to provide more success than we did, they would make massive changes too, right?

Well, the first thing we notice is they plagiarize the site that we built. They use the content, videos, images and layout that we created. How is copying what we built supposed to get these clients to the next level? There must me something different about their version. Well as it turns out, there is. Differences include blurry images, the site not being responsive on mobile and if we built 20 pages, they build 15 and the rest just shows up as broken links on the site. So, it's less of a carbon copy and more of a cheap knock off.

Furthermore with our clients we add content, images, videos over time. We don't notice any updates overtime when they take over.

Social Media

There is a pattern with social media too. It usually starts with a burst of posts that are lower quality of course. But over time the posting becomes less and less frequent. 5 Posts the first week, then 1 post a week, then 1 a month, then 1 every other month. Eventually you will see that they haven't posted in months if not years.

Web Presence

Next is their SEO Ranking. When they were our client, their company was on the 1st page of the search engines and at or near the top on the maps. Under the cheaper companies watch, we see a decline as time goes on. Eventually you have to search for some time to find the business and in some cases, they completely disappear from the search engines all together.

Why Does This Happen?

In one instance we talked to one of these "web companies", they asked us a very troubling question. The question was "How do you guys do fulfillment?". They went on to talk about how they have no problem getting clients, its fulfillment that's the problem. This is an indirect way of saying they had the people who can make the promise but not the people who can keep them. Needless to say, this company was one of the many that we found who over promise but after checking what they actually did, under delivered.


It's hard to imagine the idea that companies like this exist because you would think they would be banned or bankrupt but the reality is they are very common. There is always a company that can promise you more but the real question is are you talking to a salesman or an experienced professional that can realistically do the work they claim for the budget that you have. If you want to work with a company that can do what they promise and provide great results (relative to your budget), contact Master Website Planners Today!