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Obstacles Reputable Web Development Companies Face on a Daily Basis

Fri, Sep 27th, 2019

Obstacles Reputable Web Development Companies Face on a Daily Basis

In web development, we encounter many obstacles that quite frankly, seem ridiculous in other industries. If individuals experience poor quality with a typical product or service, they simply won’t use that product or service anymore. Yet, when it comes to web development, people will continue using the services of a company that are falling extremely short of expectations. Why is this? In this blog, we compare issues that we go through on a daily basis, with two hypothetical scenarios.


Have you ever been on a tour of a museum? What if the tour guide knew very little about the artifacts’ they were supposed to be an “expert” on? How would that make you feel if you discovered they fired a knowledgeable tour guide and hired someone less-informed, just so they could pay that tour guide less?

If a museum were actually managed this way, they would be banking on you not having any knowledge of their artifacts so they could give you false information and get away with it with you being non the wiser.

It is hard to imagine running into a problem like this, but in web development, this is all too common. Unfortunately, for many “web development” companies out there, this is a fundamental principle for the survival of their business.

Resort and Hospitality

Let’s take a look at the Resort and Hospitality industry and how aspects of it compare to web development:

You and your family have been vacationing at a beautiful resort for years. Each time your family stays at the hotel, the rooms are clean and the food is delicious. But when the family arrives at the resort this year, something is different. As they walk into the hotel room, the kids drop their suitcases on the bed… and dust jumps off of the sheets!

Next, the family goes down to the dining room for lunch. The food takes 45 minutes to come out of the kitchen, and once placed the table, it’s cold and tasteless… so what happened to this once great resort that provided your family with great experiences and memories? Eventually you find out the owner hired a cheaper cleaning staff, new cooks that work for less money, and new ingredients for the food that costs less and tastes worse.

Why did the owner of the resort make these changes? If you aren’t staying in the rooms, eating the food, and experiencing the full-effects of what the guests do, it’s going to take complaints and bad reviews from people staying at the resort to change things back to the way they were in previous years.

When it comes to determining quality in web development, one of the problems that clients run into is that they don’t experience their website the way that their potential customers/clients do, and therefore will believe that a lower quality website is actually acceptable.

Web Development

We are generally very careful when using a term such as “cheap,” to describe a service that a business offers, but that is exactly what some web companies propose to potential clients, cheap prices for cheap work (presented in a discreet manner). A direct correlation to this is a bad user experience, just as the family in the resort witnessed first-hand.

When working with a web company, it’s important to prioritize value, not price. This will increase the odds of attaining long-term success, making the investment worthwhile. A good web development company will always create a plan based on what you need, and more importantly, what your potential customers/clients’ need to help your business grow online.