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Are You Paying for A Placebo?

Mon, Nov 7th, 2022

Are You Paying for A Placebo?

Being in the web development/marketing industry for over a decade we learned that the biggest factor most small business owners take into consideration when choosing a web/online marketing company is price.

Consequently, we also learned of all the problems that arise with hiring cheap companies as we are often tasked to fixed their mistakes. In this blog we will go over some of the ways some web companies cut corners to make their prices cheap.

Content Creation vs Content Plagiarism

Cheap companies rarely write original content. They usually copy and paste content from a competitor they found on the internet. While the business owner sees a site with lots of content, the search engines see duplicate and plagiarized content which they penalize for and not reward. Even if they copy content from one of your other websites, it still won’t be good for SEO to have 2 sites with the same content.


An additional side effect of plagiarism is that this increases errors in your website because the content made for another company may not apply to yours. Professional web developers take the time to talk to the client and understand their business. Then they take the time to build your website as efficient as possible. This is important because if a site has inaccurate information or the information that is not clear, people will leave the website quickly. Also, if the website is slowed down by unnecessary plugins, it can repel potential customers.

Responsive Web Development

While professional web developers work hard to make your site look and function well on any device, cheap companies only focus on the devise the business owner uses (many times not even that). This is a problem because it greatly hurts the user experience potential customers will have on your website. These days, if the user experience is poor, potential customers will quickly leave a low-quality website and never return.


When you create an ad, it’s usually pointing the customer somewhere. A professional considers the entire journey your potential customers will go through and have all areas working properly before launching ads. Cheap companies often create ads that they can show their client but completely ignore the journey making results from the ads very expensive if there even any results at all.


In a nutshell, cheap web companies essentially sell you a placebo. Something that makes you feel good in the moment because the price is cheap, you see work being done, are promised lots of results, and it allows you to brag about getting work done for half the price, while in reality you are getting nothing. How cheap companies differ from a placebo however is there is actually damage being done in wasted time, lost money and your company’s reputation being harmed with both consumers and the search engines.

A Real Solution

Master Website Planners focus’ on real solutions built by experienced web developers based on the client’s needs and budget. If you are serious about having a successful online presence, contact us Today!