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How most companies are wasting money on PPC Advertising

Wed, May 15th, 2019

How most companies are wasting money on PPC Advertising

Look how far we have come since the first website was launched in August of 1991 and consisted of nothing more than some text and links. Fast forward to today and websites display images, videos, graphics, fancy text and more.

As we all know Google has become the leader when it comes to search engines and according to Stat Counter, 92.46% of people worldwide use Google when they want to search for something online.

Google has decreased the area on the first page of search results where a website can show up organically. Organic listings are shown because everything was done the right way naturally and Google rewards those websites with first-page ranking when someone searches for their industry online.

PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click) is when a company pays each time someone clicks on their ad link. Ad placement is determined by whoever is paying more per click. It is a bidding war between companies vying for the same keywords or phrases. Often, you will compete with larger companies with deeper pockets, especially for big-ticket items.

Organic search results are the best way to go for the long haul. Growing your business online without having to pay for each click will do more for your business over time. When you depend on PPC ads to get leads or customers and when the results are not so great and you stop the ads, there is nothing left behind. The ad disappears completely.

With organic efforts, your online presence continues to build upon itself and grows bigger and bigger over time. So, when someone searches online for your company there are many quality links with useful information that shows up. You do not get any charge per click no matter how many times someone clicks on your links.

Often, a business owner tries to create their own website and social media or asks a family member or friend to do it for them. It is better to hire a reputable Digital Marketing Agency to develop your “web presence”.

Many web agencies can create a website but often they use a cheap template (made for millions of people) and then ask for your PPC budget to send traffic. This model is broken because most business owners get little to no results. A better solution is for a web agency to build you a custom website that is made specifically for your company and then develop your online presence and grow it organically over time. This method is sustainable and does not disappear like the PPC model.

Master Website Planners has a team of highly skilled web developers and writers who want to build you a website, social media and online presence organically that will get your company the results it should receive.

If you want to supplement with a little PPC Ads we can do that too but PPC should not be your main way to drive traffic. Also, you should never have any PPC ads unless your website and social media are set up professionally otherwise where are you sending people who click on your ad link?