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Has your Google Ranking Dropped? Here's what to do

Fri, Sep 25th, 2020

Has your Google Ranking Dropped? Here

Google is the ultimate online search tool. Over 92% of the population uses Google to look for information about goods and services they want to purchase. That being said, if you're a business owner, there's a lot of pressure to keep up with digital trends so your business doesn't fall behind. Most of the time, you have to hire an individual or a trusted digital marketing agency to handle the online marketing needs of your business.

If someone isn't paying close attention to Google trends and your company's online ranking, things can seemingly get out of hand quickly. While it's not ideal for your business to drop in Google, there is a solution. In this blog, we'll discuss the steps you need to take if your company drops in Google rankings.


First of all, you need to figure out why your business dropped in the search engine.

  • Did Google have an update you didn't know about?
  • Have keywords change since the last time you checked?
  • Have you updated the content on your site recently?
  • Is your website full of spam?

Spam is when an inexperienced web developer thinks it's a good idea to use keywords over and over again to boost the company's ranking. It might work initially, but overall, this is a horrible idea. When Google figures out what you're doing, they will make it nearly impossible for your company to dig itself out of the search engine abyss.

It might be one thing or a variety of things that caused the decline. But once you pinpoint what happened, then you can take action.

One way you can figure out if the keywords have changed is to do research in Google Keyword Planner. Select the most applicable words that people are searching in the designated location and set them aside for now.

Implementing the Content

If it has been a while since you've updated the content on your website, try the following things:

  • Take new, original images and videos of your business, employees, etc. for content.
  • Then, take out the keywords you researched and check the meta title and description to see if the keywords are used correctly and frequently enough.
  • Implement the keywords into the text on the website under the correct pages.
  • Make sure you have quality links directing the user to the appropriate pages within the website.
  • Upload the images/videos and title the images with applicable keywords.

Another monumental factor in a good search engine ranking is user experience. If the content is poorly written or you have links taking the user away from where they want to be, they will not stay on your site for very long. If this happens enough times, there's a very good chance your website will drop in ranking.

Master Website Planners

At Master Website Planners, our clients reap the benefits of effective SEO. Numerous business owners have come to us asking why their company all of a sudden is nowhere to be found on Google. There are many reasons why businesses plummet down Google's rankings... but Google updates, not tracking keywords, failing to update website content and spam are among the most common.

If you want your website to consistently be at the top of local Google searches, contact Master Website Planners. We're always working behind the scenes for our clients so they can grow and generate more sales.

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