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Benefits of Joining a QUALITY Online Directory

Mon, Jun 17th, 2019

Benefits of Joining a QUALITY Online Directory

Directories have been benefiting local business trades for hundreds of years. Historical documentation from English and Welsh directories have dated all the way back to the 1760s! Unfortunately, many directories haven’t progressed much since that time… Even most online directories these days will simply put your name, number and if you’re lucky a website URL that will take an eternity to load on a shoddy template website. In this blog, we’ll discuss how your business could greatly benefit from joining a quality online directory!

Improve Online Visibility

When you join an online directory, your success depends on how well the directory performs on the search engines.

If you join a directory that doesn’t update its website to keep up with search engine algorithms, guess what? The directory you’re on will free-fall down the Google, Yahoo, or Bing rankings... along with your company name.

A quality directory has an experienced team behind it. One that will build and maintain a website that search engines love! Consistently completing tasks such as; Updating keyword research, implementing aesthetically pleasing images to grasp the attention of users, and having useful tools such as weather and news feeds that will interest the consumers, all greatly increase the odds of the directory rapidly moving through the search engine rankings, carrying along the visibility of your business.

Strengthen the Reputation of Your Business

The internet can make or break the reputation of your business. When a company earns their way to the top of search engine rankings through organic marketing, and not paid advertisements, it gives them more credibility with potential consumers. The same goes with an online directory. If your business is spotted through an organic search on a well-structured reliable directory, people will trust your business because of the directory you are associated with.

Establishing your business on another platform shows you’re serious about your company. Many businesses have a website, but taking the initiative to find a reputable directory to put the company name on isn’t always easy, and shows you’re willing to go the extra-mile.

How Can Your Business Find a Quality Directory?

If you’re interested in establishing your business with a directory that will increase its visibility and reputation, contact SWFL Business Finder for more information!


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