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Want your Business to Grow? Read This!

Mon, Nov 18th, 2019

Want your Business to Grow?  Read This!

As a business owner, do you have a good website and web presence? Answer these questions to find out if you really do.

  1. Are you proud of your current website?
  2. Does your web presence help grow your business?
  3. Does your business show up organically in the Google Map listing?
  4. Does your business have a solid social media presence (the right platforms optimized)?
  5. Do customers / clients interact with your social media pages?
  6. Do people often mention they found your business online?

Let's ask that question again. Do you have a good website and web presence? If you answered no to any of the above questions, you probably don't have a good website and web presence.

The next question would be, why? Why are you settling for this? With all of the potential for a business to grow with help from the web, why isn't your business on top? Why doesn't your company have a great website and web presence? What is standing in the way? It all boils down to YOU, the business owner and decision maker.

2020 is right around the corner and a new year means its time to do new things. Don't be afraid of change. Changing your website. Utilizing the internet more to complement your ground game is a great way to catapult your business to new heights.

You may be thinking, okay I need to do something, but is it expensive? Expensive is a relative term. There are many choices and depending on the size of your company and goals, these will dictate the cost. You are in charge of your marketing budget and yes, you need a marketing budget because getting to the top and staying there takes work.

The good news is, you don't have to do the work. That's where we come in. We love to help a business get rid of the old online clutter that really did nothing for them but drag their business down in the eyes of Google and create a website, social media pages and a web presence that will make Google and the public take notice.

You provide excellent customer service, do a great job and have tons of experience in your field, but your website and online presence doesn't convey your greatness to the public. Your competition who does less, gets more because they have a marketing budget for their web presence.

Master Website Planners would love to sit down with you to discuss your business and what we bring to the table to help your company grow online.