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BEWARE! The More You Grow, The More Solicitors Will Contact You

Tue, July 16th, 2019

BEWARE! The More You Grow, The More Solicitors Will Contact You

Solicitors... Not exactly people you look forward to getting phone calls from. But how and why did they get the contact information for your business? In this blog, we’ll explain why it’s not always a bad thing when marketing solicitors find your business online and what YOU (the business owner) need to be weary of when they do call.


Think back to a time when your company was nowhere to be found online. Were marketing solicitors calling you? Probably not. If they were, it definitely wasn’t at the rate they are right now. If marketing solicitors can find your business online, so can potential clients.

If your digital marketing agency is doing its job correctly, and you’re getting lots of business from their services, you may also have to deal with marketing solicitors calling your business fairly frequently.

What You Can Expect When Marketing Solicitors Call

When marketing solicitors call, they’ll most definitely tell you that everything your business is doing online is WRONG. They will try and convince you that their services will get your company results in an unrealistic amount of time for an unrealistically low amount of money. Examples of what they will tell you are:

  • Your Google listing isn’t done correctly
  • We can get more traffic to your social media pages
  • We can give you a cheaper website that will deliver more traffic
  • Your website doesn’t have good SEO
  • You’re not showing up on search engines

Truth be told, the majority of solicitors telling you this information have never even seen your website (probably called your company from a list on Google maps they generated)! And the ones who have looked over your website and social media pages are most likely providing false information. They are banking on you not knowing your analytics so they can manipulate your thought process. Leaving a digital marketing agency that’s moving your business up the Google rankings for an agency that uses generic marketing tactics and promotes false promises can result in a major setback for your company.

If you’re searching for a reputable digital marketing agency that will provide the results your business needs, look no further! Master Website Planners has a proven track record of getting local businesses more traffic, more customers and more online exposure.

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