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What Do You Consider "Good Enough" For Your Marketing Efforts?

Fri, Jan 22nd, 2021

What Do You Consider "Good Enough" For Your Marketing Efforts?

Businesses and individuals have standards they set for themselves. The company is supposed to meet certain expectations, if they don't, things need to be evaluated. When you ask most small business owners, "do you want your business to be credible online and in the community?" Most would answer with a resounding "of course!" Yet, when it comes time to allocate the necessary resources into their marketing efforts, a popular response is, "things are good enough". As a business owner, it's important to ask yourself if it is "good enough" for the consumers on your website or those trying to find your business.

In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of setting the bar just as high for marketing efforts as it is for your day to day operations.


If you're a business owner, do you take pride in the quality of work that your employees put forth? Most successful owners would say, yes. Yet, when it comes to producing a high-end website, social media presence, videos, and digital content in general, the term "good enough" gets tossed around. Unless you have an experienced marketing team or marketing professional on your staff, most of the time, the quality of the work is far from "good". At the very least, your digital content efforts should include:

  • Proper grammar
  • Clear applicable images
  • Appropriate spacing in images and text
  • A secure website
  • Visually appealing videos
  • Appropriate links

Keep in mind, much more than this goes into a solid online marketing strategy, but an inexperienced marketer will NOT include the things listed above.


The quality of your marketing content is important because it affects the reputation of your business. According to a recent study, over 50% of consumers say they will not use the services of a company if there are grammatical errors on their website. This isn't even including social media or Google Ads! Your business instantly loses credibility with careless errors.

Another common mistake many small business owners make is THEY think their marketing content "looks good". Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn't matter if YOU, the small business owner, thinks everything is "good enough". What matters is the perception your website and social media platforms portray to the community. It's important to look at it from a consumer's perspective and build around that. If this does not happen, you could be in for a vicious cycle of digital disappointment.


When it comes to marketing your business, what's most important? RESULTS! Maximizing exposure to your targeted audience will help you get the best results. Whether the goal is to enhance your Google ranking through SEO strategies or gain exposure on social media through Facebook Ads, it's important to target the right audience.

When you have informative and entertaining content, it helps enhance the reputation of your company in the community, in turn, producing excellent results for your business.

Master Website Planners

At Master Website Planners, our goal isn't to provide our client's with a website or social media presence that's "good enough". We want to help transform your business and drive sales that will positively impact you and your employees for years to come!

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