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Does Google My Business Know About Your Business?

Fri, Jan 31st, 2020

Does Google My Business Know About Your Business?

There are many people searching online using the term “near me”. For example, restaurant near me, ac repair near me, etc. Also, when someone does a search even without using the term near me, Google looks for businesses that are located near the person searching by using their location, which is transmitted via their device (unless you turn off your location tracking) to know where they are and shows search results high up on the page in their Google Map Listing for what the person was searching for.

The map listing only displays three to four listings and the rest are seen when someone clicks on “more places”. The problem is most people don’t click on “more places” and they choose one from the three or four displayed.

Unless you have a Google My Business Listing, your business will not show up in Google’s Map Listing. If you want your Google My Business Listing to have a good chance of showing up in the top three to four spots, there are somethings that need to be done:

  1. Have a good quality responsive website with SSL
  2. Completely fill out your listing with the proper information
  3. Make sure your listing is optimized
  4. Don’t use a tracking phone number
  5. Embed the map in your website
  6. No duplicate listings
  7. Do your research when choosing the right keywords
  8. And Much More...

There are so many businesses online, what are you doing to make your company stand out from the rest? Are you generating quality original content? How are you working your social media pages? It can be overwhelming for a business owner to run their business plus take care of all of the online tasks.

Most business owners think they are saving money by doing most of it themselves but when you take a good look, they are losing money because they aren’t usually getting much business from their online efforts. It is best to hire a web developer to build and manage your company’s online presence.

As a business owner, you are probably only skimming the surface and leaving out many important components when trying to do it yourself. A good web developer eats, sleeps and breathes the latest techniques, technology and updates when it comes to building and maintaining a website, social media pages and analytics.

A business owner is focused on growing their business and are very skilled in their business but not when it comes to web development. It is best to leave web design and social media to the professionals so that they can help grow your business and gain new customers online while you focus on fulfillment and growing your business offline.

Master Website Planners would love to help take your company to a whole new level by building and maintaining a website and social media (web presence) that will attract new customers and keep the current ones coming back for more.