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Do you want to Create Engaging Social Media Content for your Business?

Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Do you want to Create Engaging Social Media Content for your Business?

It might sound evident to ask someone if they want to create engaging social media content for their business, especially if the business owner is looking to expand. But doing this requires an understanding of social media outlets and how they can help your business. Platforms such as Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn all serve a purpose. Some platforms might be tailored more for your business than others. It's the job of the business owner to determine the value of each platform. This can pose a problem for many business owners. Researching each platform and making sure appropriate content is being posted on each one is a full-time job (or at least it should be).

Although there are numerous social media platforms, most of them maintain core principles that need to be followed to create engaging content. In this blog, we'll discuss what it takes to maximize the exposure of your business through social media and why it's important to hire an individual or a company that follows these strategies.

Implement it into the Culture of your Business

First and foremost, if you, the business owner has a firm grasp of the power of social media, your employees will follow. Establish a culture that promotes the growth of your business. When they're out in the field, ask them to take pictures of work they've completed, ask for online reviews if the customer is satisfied, and if your marketing agency is scheduled for a video shoot, don't always be the one in the video. People want to see the other faces behind the company. Who knows, they might be good in front of a camera and get the message across persuasively.

If you're reluctant to participate in things that will enhance social media exposure, your employees will sense that and act the same way. When everyone involved works as a cohesive unit, social media is most effective.

Original Content

If everyone on your business team is on board, creating original social media content shouldn't be an issue. Think, what makes your company unique? Whether it's lighthearted content meant to entertain, or informative content to educate your audience, the credibility of your company will grow if it comes straight from the business. If possible, try to refrain from generic content that every other company in your industry is posting.

Not every platform will have the same content. For example, a fun twitter post might not be appropriate on LinkedIn (a mostly informative, business-like platform). But as long as both are original and articulated properly, they should perform well on their respective platforms once you've established a strong following.


If social media content were a ship, video would be the captain. Over the past few years, videos have generated 12 times more shares than text and images combined. Views have catapulted 258% on Facebook and Skyrocketed 99% on YouTube. The jump on YouTube is particularly impressive because it is solely a video platform.

Creating engaging video content isn't as easy as whipping out your smartphone, recording a co-worker and uploading it to social media. It takes a strategic plan, an interesting topic and video editing experience.

Master Website Planners

Maximizing the social media efforts of your company is something that needs to be done to keep up with other businesses in the digital era. Business owners across Southwest Florida are already working 60-70 hours per week running their business. Adding the duties of social media marketing to that seems impossible.

Master Website Planners can help enhance local exposure through social media for your company! We offer digital marketing services that include social media, SEO, web design and e-commerce. If you're interested in increasing leads, sales and overall revenue for your business, schedule your consultation today!

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