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Are You Utilizing Micro-Moments to Help Grow Your Business?

Sun, Apr 14th, 2019

Are You Utilizing Micro-Moments to Help Grow Your Business?

Remember the days of old when you were watching your tube tv, saw a commercial for an item you thought was cool or interesting and then you went to the store to see the item and learn more. You didn’t really have any other information other than what was printed on the package.

Fast forward to today. You are watching your smart tv and notice an item you think is cool or interesting and you naturally do a search on your phone or smart tv to learn more about the item. You can watch a video on Youtube of the item being used and read reviews from others who have purchased the item.

We are living in a world of micro-moments where decisions are made quickly due to the information that is readily available at our fingertips through our phones, tablets and other devices.

As a business owner, it is important that you are creating these micro-moments for your customers and the public so they can easily learn more about your products and services and also obtain feedback about what others are saying about them and take action. Ultimately you want that action to be for people to call you to schedule a service, appointment or buy your product/s.

There are micro-moment opportunities for your business and we do our best to help create them for you every month so that new customers will want to take action and engage with your company. The web is ever changing and so is technology. As a business owner you are either staying current and relevant or falling behind and becoming outdated.

The public is making buying decisions every day by how your company is represented online. Ask yourself these questions. Is my business represented as good as it could be online? Am I creating micro-moments for the public so that they can learn more about what I offer and want to call me or purchase my product/s?

If you answered no or not sure then give us a call to learn more about what you are missing and how we can help you gain more clients or customers.