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First of all, the old cliché is very true – without YOU, our very important client, our agency does not exist. Clichés aside, thank you for considering to retain us as your digital (online) marketing agency. We realize you have many choices when it comes to who you decide to hire. We take what we do very seriously; we're good at what we do but most importantly we're not much different than you – we want to do a good job and keep our customers happy and with us for many years. It really is that simple.





Who do we like to work with? Who is our ideal client? (Do you have an "ideal client" too?) Our ideal client isn't from any particular Industry, no – that's not most important to us because we can create content and work within most industries. What is important is integrity. Integrity is everything to us. We aren't too selective to a particular industry but we are selective of the businesses / organizations we like to work with.

We prefer to work with those whose reputations are stellar within the local SW Florida community. Nobody's perfect, we just prefer to work with those who have good visible integrity. We also prefer to work with clients whose businesses are located right here in SW Florida.

It is true that we can "do what we do" from anywhere in the world no matter where you are located BUT, we have modeled our business around providing certain services that we believe will benefit local SW Florida businesses. Plus, we believe there is enough local business here for us to build our portfolio and better serve our clients.

Our ideal client has most likely worked with an agency prior to us and has learned service after the sale is important and that you can't get really cheap work and expect great results to follow. We earn our keep and will work hard and smart for you – our client.


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Let's address the whole "price" thing right away. Our experience has shown most prospective new customers only know to ask about price. So, let's discuss "price". We are not the cheapest agency in town nor are we the most expensive, so – how competitive are we? We would put our knowledge, skills and abilities up against any agency out there.

Our prices are very competitive BUT there's one specific difference between us and our "competition" – we have developed a more comprehensive approach. Our strategy incorporates the key elements you need in order to reach your desired goals / results.



You are hiring us to do a job for you. Here is our "Value Proposition". After all, this entire deal is all about you. Our Value Proposition for our clients revolves around the idea that we want to do our job correctly and honestly; if our clients allow us to simply do our job month after month for the "long haul" – then we believe we can bring you enough new customers to more than justify our partnership together. It really is that simple.

Our agency believes we can more than justify you hiring us so all you need to do is listen to our advice and our recommendations and then let us go to work! So, in essence, we are working at this thing together and like anything else that just "works" you almost forget it's there but you'd certainly notice it missing were it not to be there any longer.


Let's talk about your business and your content we will need from you or create for you. This is where you begin to shine with us. We want and need to tell a great story about YOU and YOUR business! There is so much the consumer would like to know about what you are selling BUT they also want to know about your business and often times about the people within your organization.

Consumers buying habits change almost as quickly as technology changes (which we will help keep you current). They are very visual and process information faster as well as forming their yes / no buying decision just as fast. YOUR story and YOUR content is important. We work very hard get your stuff right.


Best Service Seal

To be blunt, we are pretty disappointed that service has gone downhill generation after generation in just about every way imaginable and across most if not all industries. It's quite horrific actually. Drive through orders are not right. Wait staff not attentive. Buying a house and so many mistakes made with so-called "professionals" not paying attention to detail. At almost every turn you can see actual examples of poor customer service – do you agree? It is important that you feel comfortable with our agency and believe in what we can do for you so you will sign up with us BUT this is only the beginning!

We have made internal commitments to certain checks and balances to help ensure we pay closer attention (to detail) and get things right for you. We will keep you updated on a regular basis. We will let you know when you will benefit from doing MORE or sometimes LESS with us. After all, there is a reason why you are thinking about changing agencies or perhaps you are looking for a good agency to work with.

We are a "vendor-partner" with you which means we are in this together. We will need information from you and want you to listen to our guidance and advice. If we help you achieve your goals and you are contributing with us along the way, then we should have a good working relationship for many years to come.



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We will not hesitate to tell you that this industry is terrible. There are far more people NOT doing a good job than doing a good job. Most of the time they are not bad people. The most common issue is that many agencies don't have the right mix of talent or the proper skill sets to relate to the real world of business. It is true many are "creative types" who talk too much "techie talk" and that's OK but the bottom line is the bottom line!

Our leadership team is actively involved in the day-to-day operations and will continue to be involved long into the future. You only have one true friend on your P&L and that's the top line - sales. Everyone else on your P&L has their say all the way down to your only other potential friend on that P&L – the BOTTOM LINE. We "get" that too. Listen to what we have to say. You'll quickly discover we have far more to offer than your typical "website company". So, here's the bottom line from us:

If you've enjoyed reading through our information and it actually makes sense to you then call us today and put us to work for you. If you want to work toward better results by deploying a better strategy, then call us today. If your "gut" is telling you that you need to get your website, social media, local search, reviews and everything else in order, then please call us today. You'll be glad you did.


One last thing. If anyone gives you any type of "guarantees" regarding the world of online digital marketing – close the door. There are NO GUARANTEES to be made. The ONLY guarantee any agency in their right mind can make is to keep working month after month to capture and maintain for you the most relevance and trust online they can given the budget you allocate for that agency.


You pay us and we put in honest work for you. You commit to a reasonable and workable budget and we will get you better results. Nobody can guarantee you first place on the first page search results (but we have a great track record for doing this). Nobody can guarantee you first place on a map listing (again we have great track record for doing this). There are right and wrong ways to do things online.

Thank you for reading all of this stuff, because again – without you, there is no us. YES – we want your business and would love to have you be happy and stay with us for years. YES – we want you to help us grow by referring others to us. We have a nice referral program that rewards our current clients monthly with invoice discounts when they refer newly signed-on clients.

Call us today so we can get a more comprehensive program put together for you that takes a lot of the confusion and frustration out of online digital marketing!